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Who we are

Pixelated Arts is a digital agency based out of Southern California that specializes in web design and development. Founded in 2009, Pixelated Arts works with businesses of all sizes to strategize, develop, and provide post-launch support for websites.


Tell us about what make your business go. Who are your customers, what are your goals, and where do you see your business going? We want to learn about your business so we can work with you to develop a well thought out roadmap to building your website or app.


We take your input and design a clean, easy to use, and functional website to help you achieve your goals. Our development team harnesses decades worth of knowledge, while leveraging the latest technology, to deliver a highly functional and beautiful product.

Post-Launch Support

We understand launching a website can be worrysome and wrapped with uncertainty. We offer post launch support to help you execute your business with confidence. Ask about our retained maintenance packages for guaranteed, worry-free support.

We like to keep things really simple, so take a minute to tell us what you want, and we'll help you get there in no time.

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What we do


We have experience designing for a variety of applications from websites, mobile apps, and ecommerce. We create a simple, clear, and logical way for your clients to interact with your website.


We pull from decades of experience and stay up to date with modern coding languages and trends. Our experience allows us to help fit the right technology and resources for your unique situation.


Mobile is at the absolute forefront of everything we do. We can help find the right solution to leverage mobile devices and make sure your business stays modern and relevant.

Online Marketing

Once the development is finished you need expert help to drive customers through your website or app. We use social, local search, and email marketing to help drive business.

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